Friday, January 25, 2008

Roberta in Swimsuit and Gown

Thank you Julius for these! More soon... for now I'm also playing nurse for a knee surgery that, as it turns out, wasn’t' necessary!!! So frustrating!


  1. I love Roberta's face as she is turning in her gown. What you see is what you get, someone having a wonderful time.


  2. Roberta looks great, especially the gown! Not to be critical but I am surprised that she is wearing a black ss and black gown. I do really like the gown...simple elegance!
    P.S. Not surprised about the "no need for surgery. That is why I so distrust modern medicine/doctors.

  3. I agree ladies, she looks great!

    I wonder if perhaps she had selected her gown before being told that she had to wear a black suit? Or it could be a case of just loving the gown that much- sometimes things just work out that way.

    As for the knee surgery- of course, Loren went to the BEST orthopedic surgeon in Toledo after having both x-rays and an MRI. A supposedly "very credible" MRI reader and the surgeon thought they saw a tear and possible cyst in his knee.

    But today's surgery revealed NOTHING! They said, "it's GREAT news, his knee looks like that of an 18 year old!" Great news, yes, but there isn't exactly a refund on surgery and recovery time! The surgeon said this is the first time in 2 years that he's done an unneeded procedure. The chronic pain Loren has had for 2 years now may be caused by very tiny fractures on his tibia that can hopefully be eased by cortisone shots.




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