Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Off With Her... Crown?

TLC and it's "Reality Check" have made it quite clear they want the Miss America contestants to lose the big hair, sequins, heavy makeup... and the crown? That's what the rumor mill is saying! Is there any truth to this speculation? Check out the following "evidence" then share your opinion in the poll below.

The image above can be seen on the Reality Check website, as well as promotional print ads, television commercials and even posters at malls and movie theatres.

The following article is from the New York Post:



Michael Urie has gone from playing a mean queen on "Ugly Betty" to mingling with real beauty queens on "Miss America: Reality Check."

"They're going to make Miss America hip, cool and stylish and I get to help the girls along," Urie says.

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I really can't see this rumor being true... It would be very anticlimactic if she isn't crowned. Fans have pointed out that even decidedly trendier pageant systems still use crowns. Not to mention that Academy Award winners receive an Oscar, Olympic champions have a metal placed around their necks and winning horses are adorned with a wreath of roses.

I defiantly do not like pageants that include a cape, scepter and ultimately have the winner sit on a thrown… I can even live without a sash, but if you don’t put a crown on someone’s head, it just isn’t a pageant!

So, are we reading too much into the image above, and is the articles title just a coincidence? As I keep saying about everything with Miss America this year… Only time will tell!

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