Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today I was surprised to find myself as a topic on Ohio’s pageant message board. Someone wanted to know “how I pay my bills;” rather invasive verbage! As I explained here, I was supposed to go to IMTA back in July [broken clavicle] and it’s been hard to find a “good job” in the interim 5 months, knowing Ohio is not where my true career is. I appriciate those who reponded that it's really no one's business, especially when it's worded in such a way; but if you really want to know, I do keep my bio on here updated. Thanks for your curiosity… I think…


  1. It doesn't matter whether you have a job or not Abby. It's none of that person's business and it's incredibly odd that they asked such a question. Do what works for you! :)

  2. Did you just post that to start a convo about yourself on Voy...haha

    Hope all is well!

  3. I don’t mind people wonder where formers are now or what we’re up to, etc… It just seemed so odd to word it as they did, not to mention the fact that I do have this blog where I’m more open with my life than I probably should be!

    And Miss Lauren, you crack me up! As for riding together to Maple City, I might be judging a Forensics tournament that weekend… I’ll have to let you know.


  4. Abby,
    It's nobody's business.
    If someone asked me, I'd give them my mailing address so they could send some money!
    Keep up the good work!
    Nancy Mabrey


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